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Custom Products

Below you will find a list of custom products that we offer and some images of what we have made in the past. Many items we keep in stock but some may be special order only. If you do not see what you are looking for please reach out so we can help.
Mouse Pads
Coasters (wood/foam)
Coffee Mugs
Wine Glasses
Bucket Hats , seasonal

Baseball Caps
Leather Gloves
Cotton Gloves, single or by the dozen
Card Stock Celebration Banners
Reusable Plastic Egg Cartons
Tea Towels
$7.99/$5.99@12 pairs

Pillow Cases

Square, case only
White case, 16x16
Natural case, 16x16
Leather Faux, 16x16
Farmhouse stitch, 1

Oblong, case only
White case, 12x20
Natural Case, 12,20
Farmhouse Stitch, 12x20

Pillow Inserts

*all prices are subject to change. For specific pricing on items or when ordering in bulk please call or email!

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